Zuma’s Revenge

Zuma 9 Dragons Online Zuma 9 Dragons is a free Zuma’s Revenge game with dragons. The Zuma 9 Dragons game has alluring graphics and also a story. On Zuma 9 Dragons your purpose is to destroy all dr...
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Zuma Sonic Online Zuma Sonic is a free Zuma’s Revenge online game with cool spatial graphics. As you advance in Zuma Sonic you will detect increasingly complicated routes of the balls. On Zuma...
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Zuma's Revenge Online Zuma’s Revenge game is an improved version of Zuma. In this Zuma’s Revenge game you will encounter more stages and challenges. On Zuma’s Revenge you need to fire ...
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This Zuma Deluxe sequel, Zuma`s Revenge game, suggests new elements. With high-definition graphics, new stages and power-ups, the classical Zuma Deluxe game is broadly bettered. Zuma`s Revenge online has
an ameliorated aspect and boss fights. Follow a new Zuma world, with Zuma`s Revenge game online. Here evil tiki bosses direct the land. Zuma`s Revenge free has alike game rules as Zuma Deluxe. You must rotate the stone frog in the way you want and launch balls from its mouth. You have to pair the colored balls to remove them from the screen. The surprise in Zuma`s Revenge online game is that periodically, random colored balls are displaying power-ups that the player can accumulate by spoiling the specific ball. The bonuses in Zuma`s Revenge online game are including a visual guide to show where a ball will land when shot from the frogs mouth, power-ups that slow down or reverse the way of the train, a three-way cannon, a laser that annihilates single balls, a bomb, and a lightning power-up that eradicates all balls of a particular color. Zuma`s Revenge free online introduces two levels that are new to the range. Some Zuma`s Revenge game levels feature two lily pads that the frog has to jump between. Additional levels set the frog on a horizontal or vertical way where it has to move from side to side rather than rotate to goal. Defeat the six tiki bosses in fight and lead the rapid frog to success! When you play Zuma s Revenge you enter in a wonderful world. You will no longer wish to leave the virtual world of Zuma`s Revenge free game. This is an addictive game that makes you omit your day by day worries. Zuma`s Revenge online is an exciting game with an adventurous tribal theme. Both young people and older gamers can play Zuma`s Revenge online game. It transports you in a colorful world, delightful but abounding of challenges. Leap into action with Zuma`s Revenge game! Explosive new elements are waiting for you in Zuma`s Revenge free. Because of its reputation, Zuma`s Revenge has numerous replications. Challenging games from Zuma`s Revenge variety are waiting for you on our website! Enter the vast community of Zuma`s Revenge online admirers! Savor playing incredible games from Zuma`s Revenge collection!